Contenary Limited
Our Mission Statement

Contenary Limited is a software company founded in 2015 by Patrick Martin and Mickey Petersen to help the rail industry utilise new technological developments in the last ten years — like Big Data, Cloud Computing, and Machine Learning — to solve difficult problems in the fields of transport planning and operations research; extracting meaningful value from ever-growing amounts of data with business intelligence; and transition existing desktop or server-side software to the cloud.

Meet The Team

Patrick Martin
Patrick is a software engineer of many years’ standing with experience of web development, corporate Unix, and off the shelf software development. The businesses have ranged from small bespoke software consultancies to blue chip companies. The problem domains have covered building web sites to desktop based numerical modelling to global trading systems.

Mickey Petersen
Mickey is a technical architect and specialises in designing and building large-scale systems, particularly in the fields of big data, ETL and mathematical modelling. He has a diverse background, having built modelling software for the rail industry; large-scale web scraping and data warehousing for an investment bank; optimised search algorithms for a human genomics startup; and built scalable cloud infrastructure as a devops engineer for several large and small companies. Mickey is currently consulting for a digital broadcasting company to help them design an optimised scheduler and workflow engine for on-demand and linear playout for more than 180 TV channels.